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Half Termly Project Work



Summer term

What makes us strong? (Art/DT)


This term in WAC, we are looking at the concept question ‘What makes us strong?’.

Think about what the word "strong" means to you. Strength can be physical, emotional, mental, or even moral.


Discuss with your family or friends about what makes a person or a community strong.

You can represent your answer using any media you like. Here are some ideas:


  • Drawing/Painting: Create a picture or painting that shows what strength means to you.
  • Collage: Use magazine cut outs, photos, and other materials to make a collage that represents different aspects of strength.
  • Sculpture: Use clay, playdough, or recycled materials to build a sculpture.
  • Writing: Write a poem, a short story about what makes us strong.
  • Photography: Take photos that capture moments or things that represent strength.
  • Music: Write a song or create a playlist of songs that make you feel strong.



Due date: Friday 12th July


A painting by one of the artists year 4 have been researching, Lois Mailou Jones: