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The History of Great Missenden School

The Original School

The oldest original school building was erected by James Oldham in 1822. James Oldham was a wealthy ironmonger from Holburn, who had bought Missenden Abbey. It was originally built for the celebration of divine worship and as a school-room for children.

In 1870, the Education Act passed and by 1872, a new building had been built. Average attendance was about 200. The infants were now in the Oldham Hall and the seniors were in the new school buildings.



In 1913, a girl’s school was built and a headmistress for the girl’s school was appointed. The boys and the girls were caught separately until a much later date.

By 1933, the Headmistress was abolished by the Buckinghamshire Education Committee and a headmaster was appointed to run the school. Several alterations were made, central heating had been installed and the old earth closets had given way to water closets. Also, several of the old high windows had been altered to allow in more light.

There were several plans to expand the school. However, due to the war and the rethinking of the 1944 Education Act of 1944, these plans became impractical. Hence the Misbourne School as a separate school.


1972 saw the addition of new middle school buildings along with the old Parish Allotments which provided extra playing field facilities. Since 1973, the school has been known as Great Missenden Church of England Combined School. At this time, it was made up of a one-form entry first school department and a two-form entry middle school.

Children between the ages of 5 and 8 living in the village of Great Missenden are admitted to the first school departments and if there is room, children from the surrounding villages were also able to apply to attend the school. In the September, following their 8th birthdays, the children are transferred to the middle school department. They stay for four years in the middle school department, leaving for secondary schools in July after their 12th birthdays. 


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Great Missenden School Today

In August 2016, the council contact Great Missenden school proposing a new building to cater for two new classes. This has been due to the rising class sizes and demand for spaces at the school. 3 years later, the brand new building is open and ready to use. The building is inevitable very different to those proposed throughout the 20th century. With big open spaces, large classrooms and with renewable underground heating, the new building is a vision of 21st century architecture. There has also been no a further plan or suggestion to turn Great Missenden into a senior school.