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Autumn Term 1

September 2023


Autumn Term 1


This term We are Explorers!



Our topic for this term is 'Who are we?' 

Within this topic we will be focusing on Humans and Families, including cultural backgrounds and celebrations. We are also exploring our local community, learning how to make simple maps and identifying key features in the world around us!


We will be learning how to blend some phase 2 sounds to make two and three letter words e.g. c a t - 'cat' and to segment words so we can read/ spell them.  We will be learning phase 2 sounds. For more information please visit the Little Wandle website 



We will be learning simple shapes such as circles, triangles and shapes with four sides. We will be beginning to introduce matching, compare and pattern skills and identifying numbers to 5, including consolidating understanding of how to make 5. 



For English we teach a story using 'Talk 4 Writing'. Talk 4 Writing enables children to be immersed in a story through learning through drama and role play. We will learn the story, focus on key features and pick apart the vocabulary. The children will then learn the skills to create and innovate their own story, following the structure/ sequence of the story we are learning. In Autumn Term 1, our focus story is 'The Baby Mouse'. 


Forest School 

At Forest school children will be learning about different types of trees in our woodland and the lifecycle of a tree. We will also be focusing on how to use tools safely. We are very excited to be working together to make our first camp fire as a class. Children will learn safety rules around fire and how to make a fire safely. We will also be toasting marshmallows! 


We can't wait to share what we get up to. Please look out for updates and observations on Tapestry!