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History is the study of past and present civilisations and people. At Great Missenden, we believe that the children should develop a sense of identity and a cultural understanding based on historical heritage. History at Great Missenden is concerned with stimulating the children’s interest and understanding about the life of people who lived in the past and are living in the present. Within Great Missenden School, history plays an important part of teaching the children to understand how events in the past have influenced our lives today; we also teach the children to investigate these past events and, by so doing, develop the skills of enquiry, analysis, interpretation and problem solving.

What does History look like at Great Missenden School?


At Great Missenden School our intention is to provide quality teaching and learning of history. There is a variety of opportunities for children to extend their learning both in and out of the classroom through:


  • Project based learning
  • Topic days 
  • School trips in all year groups
  • Interactive learning 
  • Role play activities 
  • Cross curricular activities 
  • Listening to stories and memories from older people
  • Guest speakers in assemblies 
  • Exciting resources such as photographs and videos


News and events 

Creating Schools 

Over the last couple of weeks, children in year 3 and 5 have been creating their own schools. The children were inspired by the blueprints which we found in History club and wanted to create their own! The teaches have been blown away by their creativity and would like to share some of the children's work below. 

History Open Afternoon July 2019

It has been an extremely exciting year at Great Missenden School as we have seen the opening of our brand new building. Therefore, 2019 is a year that will inevitably go down in the schools rich history. Since Christmas, the History club have been looking through old boxes, preparing and archiving documents all related to the building works that have gone on through the years. On July 4th, the club had the fantastic opportunity to present their findings to parents. The club did an amazing job, speaking loudly and clearly and really blowing the audience away with their deep understanding of when the school was founded. There was then an opportunity for the guests to walk around the school to watch classes in action who were all doing a history activity with their teachers. 

History Club Update June 2019


With the new building complete, it is perfect timing for the History Club to showcase some of the work they have been doing every week. On the 4th July, there will be a presentation to the parents. That means, our latest job has been to write the 'Great Missenden Story'. The children have therefore been extremely busy trying to decide what information they believe is the most important so that we can present it in an interesting and informative way. We have been using laptops to research key dates and match them up to the events that happened at the school to give a comparison of dates and events happening around the world at the time. The children have found it fascinating researching all these historical dates and facts! 


Making Stonehenge in Year 3!

For their Stone Age topic, the year 3 children have been creating Stonehenge out of clay! Firstly, the children had to replicate Stonehenge and then they had the opportunity to create their own prehistoric monument and explain what it meant to them. 


Year 3 Stone Age Day - March 2019

On the 18th March 2019, the children in year 3 all dressed up for 'Stone Age day'.Dressing like this allows the children to really bring to life a sense of a very different world thousands of years ago and is absolutely excellent for helping children grasp historical context and how the world has evolved. Activities included; jewellery making, fire making and hunting a mammoth! The experience is definitely one they won't forget! 


Archiving The Goods!

Over the last couple of weeks, the children have been looking through all of the amazing documents and sorting them into their archive groups! Today, we have been adding sticky notes to the different documents and writing the corresponding document onto a sheet of paper. This was a tricky but rewarding task, as we are a step closer to our exhibition showcasing all the interesting documents we have found to do with the building of Great Missenden school. This is a particularly interesting project as we are awaiting the opening of the new building! 

'It's like stepping back in time!' 

We always knew that Great Missenden School was a special school but now we have even more reasons to be proud. The children in History club discovered that the pupils of Great Missenden featured in a BBC drama called 'The Police' in 1990! Not only was the program filmed at the school but the children actually featured on TV as well. We managed to find old invoices from the BBC, the script and lots of awesome pictures showing which children were involved. If this wasn't exciting enough, the children also discovered 100's of old school photos, exercise books and even old inspection results from SIAM's! 

Amazing Artifacts Uncovered! 

What an amazing second History club session we have had! The children have had the best time looking through all of the old artifacts. We found an old hockey stick, the old school log book, old registers and the old PTA minutes book. We are all very excited to see what else there is to find. 

History club has started!

Twelve extremely lucky children have been tasked with a very special project this term. These children, once a week will be journeying back in Great Missenden Schools fascinating past to uncover some of its secrets. This week, the children sorted through some artifacts and discussed the ways they can display all their wonderful findings. We looked through old maps, letters from architects, building plans and accounts from people who went to the school. We even found an old photo of Mr Tang when he attended the school! Everybody is very excited about the project. 

World War One - Women's Rights Movement

Year 6 explored what life was like for Victorian women before the Women's Rights Movement began.  We looked at sources describing women in the Victorian era, and investigated what it was like to wear a Crinoline skirt for an hour over lunch time.

The review was that it was impractical, difficult to move in, impossible to run in, and generally a pain to wear!  Needless to say, it did not survive lunch time.

Remembrance Week 5th- 9th October 2018

Year 6 had a week full of activities to think about the importance of Remembrance to link with their topic.  Activities included:

  • 6S Class Assembly on Remembrance, telling the story of the armistice in 1918
  • Visit from Quantum Theatre, who performed their performance of Your Country Needs You, an amazing two person production focussed on the start of World War One and "Pals Battalions"      (A big thank you to the PTA, who supported us with this visit)
  • Visit from Colin Doyle from the Royal British Legion, where the children learnt more about the Royal British Legion's work, and made their own poppies.
  • The whole Year attended a reflective service at the Church, were they shared their own poetry and took part in a minute silence of remembrance.

We are really proud of all the Year 6s for their work during this week and their reflections and thoughts on this important topic.

Viking Day


On 31st October Year 6 celebrated a Viking day to finish off our Autumn 1 topic of the Vikings. This topic led on well from the Year 5 Summer topic of the Anglo Saxons.  All the children came to school dressed up in their best Viking attire and their day was filled with lots of fun and creative activities. They played raid and loot the monastery, cooked Viking bread and flapjacks (that were then served at the exhibition), learnt how to cross stitch using Binka and created Viking dances. 

Tuesday 16th October - Year 3 Victorian Lesson Experience

All the children in year 3 had an extremely exciting lesson when they experienced what it would be like to be a Victorian school child for the day. Mr Sperring, Mr Austin and Miss Harris all dressed up and played the role of a Victorian teacher. The children had to recite their times tables, learn Victorian spellings and recite the commandments. All of year 3 then went out onto the playground to complete ‘drill’.

Victorian Experience