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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

Miss Cartwright (6C), Mr Sperring (6S) and Mr Kemp (6K)


What a fun year Year 6 is. It is very busy and action packed but also very rewarding. We have exciting topics, trips and lessons planned. We continue to be independent learners and use our growth mindset every day to learn from mistakes, this is particularly important in Year 6. We set an example to the rest of the school and have increased responsibilities. We look forward to seeing what the year has to offer and we want to have the best year before transitioning up to secondary school.


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Topics That We Are Covering

Autumn Term- Are we all treated equally? Stand up for what's right.

History focus: Remembrance, WW1 and Suffragettes


Spring Term- Do we always appreciate what we have got?

Geography focus: Our Earth


Summer Term- How do experiences shape who we are?

Arts focus

Important Information and Key Dates

  • w/c 09.03.20 is STEM week- throughout the week the children will be taking part in STEM activities.
  • Year 6 will be making their CAMS on Friday 20th March during a DT day.
  • Year 6 will be doing a mock SATS week w/c 23rd March. This will be from Monday to Thursday.
  • 6C's class assembly is at 10:00 on Wednesday 25th March and is all about our topic. CANCELLED.
  • Year 5 and 6 will be having a French production delivered to them in the afternoon of 25th March called Ecris Moi.
  • Singing auditions for the Year 6 production will be on Thursday 26th March- an email with the link to songs that children can chose from has been sent. Also see the 'production' sub page on this page. 
  • On Friday 27th March we will be holding the Year 6 production acting auditions, these will continue on Monday 30th March if needs be. Each child has been given a script and there is a copy on the 'production' sub page on this page.
  • Half of Year 6 (all of 6K and half of 6S) will be visiting Hazard Alley on Monday 30th March and the other half (6C and the other half of 6S) will be visiting on Thursday 2nd April. On both of these days we will be leaving for Hazard Alley within the school day but we will be arriving back after the school day has ended, on neither day will the children be able to get the bus home. Please see emails for more information regarding this trip and you can now pay/ give permission via Parent Pay. CANCELLED.
  • On Wednesday 1st April each of the Year 6 classes will be watching a show called 'Gas Safe', delivered by Hazard Alley. This will be at school. CANCELLED.
  • We break up for the Easter Holidays on Friday 3rd April at 2:15. We return to school on Monday 20th April.

In Year 6, we would like the children to be reading everyday for minimum of 10 minutes. They are required to record at least 5 of their reading sessions in their reading record a week (this must cover 5 separate dates). 


Across the school, but particularly in Year 6, there is a comprehension focus on children's reading. On occasion, please read with your children and question them on what they have read and understood about their book. 


Reading records will be collected and checked each week on Mondays.

Our Year 6 Learning Journey
Inspirational Earth Day - January 15th 2020
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The children had a brilliant day of Earth related activities where we thought carefully about the impact we have on our planet. From dressing up in Earthly outfits, to creating artwork, planting bulbs and making pledges for the future - we have made learning about climate change fun and educational. The highlight of the day was a visit from Mrs Walder-Davis who, along with her family, made 1 change a day in 2019 to help reduce their carbon footprint. She shared some incredible facts with the children and gave some very achievable ways in which children (and their families) can help our environment.

A huge thank you to Mrs Walder-Davis and to all parents who have helped with costume creations.

Enterprise Week

Year 6 really impressed us last week with their fantastic organisational skills, team work, dedication and creativity! They chose their own teams, nominated a vice captain and team leader and chose an activity/ game, two products to bake and two products that they could make at home. In school all of the children baked gingerbread men and iced them, made Tiffin, made a variety of animals out of pine cones, made silhouette lanterns, made pom pom key rings, made Christmas trees out of old books in the library, made hot chocolate and popcorn reindeers and reindeer food. Every team made at least £60 and in total we raised nearly £1300 for our end of year trip to Chessington. Amazing work Year 6, we are all very proud and what an excellent week it was!


Year 6 Trip to the RAF Museum London
Remembrance Week

What a busy and fun week Year 6 have had; learning about Remembrance and getting involved in different things to celebrate Remembrance week. We had a visit from Quantum Theatre company on Tuesday where they performed 'Your Country Needs You!' This was a great show to deepen our knowledge and understanding of the events of WW1. 

We have also had Colin Doyle in from the British Legion who gave us a very interesting talk on life in the trenches, what soldiers do when if they return from war, why we celebrate Remembrance and who we remember. We then talked more about the importance of the poppy and Remembrance services. This was a really insightful hour where we built on what we have learnt in topic lessons.

On Thursday, we travelled up to the church for a Remembrance service and read out some of the war poetry we created in English. We also had an opportunity to show off our fantastic art work we did with Mrs Lee. Earlier in the week, we made wreaths and during the service we laid these at the front of the church for the weekend service. 

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Science Week- Living Things Including their Habitats

During this lesson of science week we looked at different sweets and classified them based on their characteristics. We adopted Carl Linnaeus’ taxonomy theory and used classification keys to sort the sweets. Have a look in our topic books to see the results. We had such a fun lesson!

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Every year 6 child has been assigned an EYFS or KS1 buddy and they are doing such a fantastic job at looking after them and creating a bond with them. 6C are buddies with the Reception children, 6S children are buddies with Year 1 and 6K are buddies with Year 2 children. We are really proud at how they have stepped up to this role and are really enjoying spending time with their buddy. 

Here are some pictures of 6C reading to their buddies and creating games in the KS1 playground with them.

Growth Mindset - Challenge for All - OFSTED Outstanding since 2006


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