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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Year 4!


In Year 4 we make learning come to life through exciting topics, themed days and lessons. We are resilient and independent learners and use our growth mindset everyday which means that we learn from our mistakes and know how to help ourselves find our way out of the learning pit.


Below you will find important information about Year 4. This is the place to go to find home learning, letters/reminders and the Year 4 learning journey. 


On this page you will find key information with regards to the curriculum being followed in Year 4.


This page will be updated regularly so please check back often to find our current topic web.


Autumn Topic - Ancient Greece

Spring Topic - The Romans

Summer Topic- The Rainforest

Summer term letter to parents

Summer Term Topic Web

Year 4's Learning Journey

Year 4 Rainforest Day

On Wednesday 10th July, Year 4 became rainforest explorers (or animals/ insects/ plants/ trees) for the day! They created; origami geckos, animals out of fruit, went on a mini-beast hunt and built bug hotels.

Rainforest Day

June- 4M Sharing their Rainforest poems with 1L

June- 4M Sharing their Rainforest poems with 1L 1

Water Safety Swimming Session at Amersham Pool

June- 4M 'Diversity' art competition winners

June- 4M 'Diversity' art competition winners 1

June- Cricket Coaching

On Friday 24th May, Year 4 was visited by Jane, a founder of the Kokrobrite Chiltern Centre, Ghana. She explained about setting up the centre sixteen years ago to help the children with their education- this includes providing clothes and stationery items. Support is also given to the community with projects for clean water and fish farming.

Picture 1

Year 4 Farmers' Market: Dairy

Year 4 Woodrow High House Residential Visit 20th-22nd March 2019

Year 4 had an action-packed few days (and nights!) out in the wilds at Woodrow in Amersham. The children all threw themselves, some literally, into the activities on offer which included: Shelter building, Pioneering (designing and building a trebuchet), Team building (such as transporting a ball over a distance using lengths of guttering), swimming, team games in the sports hall, Bush craft (building a fire from scratch), Nightline (manoeuvring through muddy obstacles whilst blindfolded), Challenge Course (think army- cargo nets, tunnels, monkey bars etc) and a scenic Woodland Walk.

This, in turn, developed their skills of independence, self-reliance, trust, problem-solving and team work. These skills were really put to the test when the children had to make their beds with FLAT SHEETS and duvet covers! Moreover, when having complete control over exactly WHAT they ate… “Three pieces of toast or four?”, proving to be a particular dilemma!

A huge thank you to: Woodrow Instructors, the Year 4 Team, Mr Kaye, Mrs Hemsworth and Mr Tang for making the visit such a success.

Picture 1
Picture 2

English- Instructions on how to make an edible Roman road

January 2019: Italian Morning!

Year 4 took part in a round robin of activities including: bingo with Italian numbers to 20, jigsaws of famous Italian paintings, identifying ten different pastas, asking and making different combinations of ice-cream, dressing up in clothes and practising key phrases.

DT Christmas Stocking Week December 2018

Science: Making Towers November 2018

Making Greek Pots from clay in Art: November 2018

Looking for evidence of dragons in school for English- November 2018

Making Roman Biscuits during a Latin lesson: November 2018

Making Roman Biscuits during a Latin lesson: November 2018 1

'Harvest Around the World'- October 2018

'Harvest Around the World'- October 2018 1

E-Safety Quiz- How 'SMART' are you?

E-Safety Quiz- How 'SMART' are you? 1

Year 4 Ancient Greek Day: 1st October 2018

On Monday, Year 4 were transported back in time to become citizens of Athens. The school hall was transformed into a Greek agora (market place) where the children learned various skills from Master Craftsmen (our very talented parent helpers!). These included making: scent bags for various ailments, wax tablets, olive oil, clay amulets and pots, mosaic tiles and soap carvings. A slave auction was held and someone was ostracised from the city for carving fish- a dreadful sin as this showed support for Poseiden!

In the afternoon, a great feast and festival was held with slaves serving wine in silver goblets and a variety of foods whilst being entertained by dancing and three plays.

A HUGE thank you to the PTA for paying for this incredibly immersive experience and to our parent helpers, without whom the workshops would not have been so successful.

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Picture 15
Picture 16

'Sharing' personal information: E-Safety Lesson

'Sharing' personal information 1
'Sharing' personal information 2
'Sharing' personal information 3
'Sharing' personal information 4
'Sharing' personal information 5

4M Dahlicious Day: September 2018

4M Dahlicious Day 1
4M Dahlicious Day 2

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