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Great Missenden Church of England Combined School

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Support For Children with SEN and Disability


Great Missenden Church of England Combined School is committed to providing Challenge For All pupils in order to ensure that every pupil, including those with SEND, achieves their full potential. We believe all children have individual needs, strengths and talents which should be met through a challenging, enjoyable and enriched curriculum which provides opportunities for all children to work at their own level and pace. We recognise that many children may require additional support or additional challenge at some point within their learning journey.
We believe that all children should be equally valued in school. We strive to remove any barriers to learning which could hinder or exclude individual pupils with SEND. We believe all children should have the opportunity to flourish and feel safe. We support the development of the whole child, whilst valuing and celebrating the many and varied abilities displayed by all children.


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Pastoral Support


At Great Missenden we believe that good mental health is important to thrive in life.  Below is a sample of some of the interventions that we offer to children to help improve their mental health.

  • ELSA Groups - a small group for children who may feel insecure in school or require some help with social skills.
  • Mindfulness - children learn techniques to help us with our mental health.
  • Social Stories - for children who struggle with self awareness and understanding of social expectations.  
  • Zones of Regulation - to manage self regulation skills to control behaviours.


Please find below some examples of web pages you can access for further support, which may help pupils with specific needs.