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Optional Learning Logs

OPTIONAL Learning Log – Summer Term 1 2024

L.O: To create an African pattern using fruits and vegetables.  


For your learning log task this half term we would like you to complete a printing activity to create a colourful pattern. In WAC we are focusing on Art this half term and are doing lots of African related art. You can create a print in any way you would like to using any media you want. Be as creative as you want! 


Return Learning Log – Monday 20th May 2024



OPTIONAL Learning Log – Spring Term 1 2024

L.O: To create a personal chronological timeline


For this half term’s learning log, I would like you to create a chronological timeline of key events in your life since you were born until now. During our WAC lessons we will be doing this by identifying key events in history but we thought it would be nice to see some of the significant events that have happened in your lives. This can be as detailed as you want and include things like birthdays, holidays, siblings being born, new pets, starting school or clubs etc. Whatever is important to you.

This can be presented in any way, in a scrap book, on the computer, with pictures on the floor and then take a photo or any other creative ways you can think of! But please try and include the year that the events happened and obviously place them in order.  Hopefully this will be a lovely activity you can do with your families and it will bring back lots of memories and promote some good discussions. Have fun, I can’t wait to see them!


Return Learning Log – Thursday 8th February 2024