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ECO Warriors

Great Missenden are proud to have been a Green Flag Eco-School since 2010.  To qualify for an Eco Award, a school needs to work on five eco-based projects over a two-week period.


Last year, following an on-site assessment of the work our Eco Warriors carried out, Great Missenden was successfully awarded a Silver Star National Travel Award.


To continue the positive impact on the environment we are now looking to focus our attention on the following areas:

  • Reducing waste
  • School Grounds & Litter
  • Healthy Living
  • Encouraging more environmentally-friendly ways to Travel
  • Working on our Global Citizenship with others on local and global issues


In 2020, Great Missenden joined forces with the charity Living Streets and implemented a new interactive travel tracker to encourage more sustainable and healthy methods of transport all year round.  In addition to organising the two Walk to School weeks, our Eco Warriors now award specially designed badges every month to those who have walked, cycled or scooted to school (all or part of the way).  Not only does this scheme ease traffic outside the school gates but it brings a new level of excitement every morning as the children input their method of travel on the interactive board. 

In addition to this, each year we run an optional Level 2 Bikeability training programme for Year 5 children, to support safe cycling on roads. 

Running WOW during COVID

Watch this fun and quick video to help explain how WOW works.

Eco Blog

Summer Term 2021

Tuesday 4th May 2021

Travel Tracker Competition


Another week, another competition!


As you are aware, as an Eco school, one of our focus areas is ‘school grounds’ which includes looking after the animals within them.


Unfortunately, there are many animals which are threatened as a result of their homes being destroyed.  This includes animals further away from the UK such as orangutans, tigers and sea turtles but also includes the UK’s very own prickly friend: the hedgehog.  In July last year, hedgehogs were officially classified as ‘vulnerable to extinction’.


Our new competition, arranged by the charity who created our Travel Tracker, is a great opportunity to encourage walking to school whilst also raising the awareness of such animals. 


The charity would like you to research an animal or habitat that you want to protect from climate change and then design a new badge, such as the ones you get awarded when walking to school.  Lots of schools will be joining in but the winning entry will have their badge created and used next academic year!


The closing date is the end of school on Monday 24th May.


Please use the template provided and return to your class Eco-Warrior when you have completed it.


Good luck!

Monday 5th April 2021

School Grounds


We hope you are all busy designing a new habitat to support any of the wildlife caught by our wildlife cameras.


Don't forget, the winner will be announced on Friday 21st May so make sure your entry is in by the 20th.

Spring Term 2021

Monday 29th March 2021

School Grounds


This year, one of our key focuses is 'School Grounds' and how we can improve these to support all life within them, which poses the question: what life is there? We have set up a wildlife camera to discover which nocturnal visitors come to our school.  Each week, we will post the images on this page before running a competition to design a habitat for one of these creatures.  The winning design will be made and installed within the grounds.

Friday 12th March 2021


The first images have been downloaded and we can confirm we have had a visitor!  Our school regularly receives visits from these furry friends and now we can see one up close.

Friday 19th March 2021 


A few visitors this week!  What can you spot?

Eco Warriors At Home


We can still do amazing things whilst following national restrictions.  Have a look at the document below for lots of great ideas on how to still be an 'Eco Warrior'.

New Term, New Restrictions


Our key worker children have been busy helping with the gardening by adding mulch to the flower beds.  Getting outside has never been more important and looking after the school surroundings gives the perfect excuse to do this.  Our green house is ready and waiting for when we can join together again (hopefully) in the warmer months.

Autumn Term 2020

New Eco-Warriors


A new school term means a new team of fantastic Eco Warriors!  All students, from Year 1 upwards, were given the opportunity to put themselves forward to represent their class.  After a class vote, the Eco Warrior was appointed and we have been absolutely delighted by the enthusiasm shown.


Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic, we have had to suspend the weekly after-school meetings and have instead opted to allocate tasks via a letter.


The first challenge was to write a short piece on why they wanted to become an Eco-Warrior.

Some of our amazing Eco Warriors

Earth Day


Year 6 spent a day exploring whether or not we all appreciate our very special planet.  They looked at four key points: Choice, Change, Community and Consequences. It was agreed that, we do have a choice.  Our actions have consequences and it is not too late to work as a community to make change.



As a school we are keen to reduce waste.  As such, we plan to recycle all our old pens and glue-sticks using the 'Terracylcle' scheme. 


Each of our Eco-Warriors designed, created and decorated a box for their classroom.  Once these are full, the empties will be collected and sent off to be recycled.

Walk To School Week


5th - 9th October 2020


Great Missenden Primary took part in the national 'walk to school' scheme this week.  Our newly appointed Eco-Warriors displayed posters around the school and encouraged their classes to choose feet over petrol.  


We are pleased to confirm that 46 children switched during this week and as a celebration of this achievement, the children were rewarded with a mufti-day.


Unfortunately, due to the restrictions and changes made as a result of Covid-19, the Eco-Warriors were unable to carry out their usual car surveys but we are so proud that they were still able to create such a big change.

Travel Tracker


Not content with just two weeks of focusing on walking to school, Great Missenden Primary has joined forces with the award winning charity Living Streets to implement the 'all-year' walk to school challenge.


Each morning the Eco-Warrior records how everyone got to school using an interactive travel tracker.  If a child uses a more sustainable method, for at least one day per week, for a month they are awarded with a special badge made out of recycled plastic.  The design of these badges changes each month and later in the year, our pupils will be able to enter a competition to design their own.

The Rainforest


The autumn term has seen Year 4 being geographers, studying the world's Rainforests as part of the WAC curriculum.  This has involved a visit from various creatures as well as looking at why these are so important.  The Amazon is often referred to as the 'Lungs of the Earth' as it provides a whopping 20% of the oxygen in our planet's atmosphere.  In addition to this, medicine, wildlife, food and other resources can only be found in these incredibly special places.

Working With the Community


Following talks with the Eco champion at our church (St Peter and St Paul) we have many ideas on how we can join forces on future projects as soon as allowed.  Watch this space!