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ECO Warriors

Great Missenden are proud to have been a Green Flag Eco-School since 2010.  Environmental Reviews are carried out by the Eco Warriors every two years.  Since Autumn 2018 Eco Warriors have been working on activities focused on the priorities they identified in our most recent environmental review: 

  • Saving energy
  • Helping marine life
  • Reducing waste
  • Healthy Living
  • School Grounds & Litter

Linked in to saving energy and healthy living, and having been awarded a Silver Star National Travel Award for our Travel Plan during the 2017-18 school year, we are continuing our efforts to support and promote cycling, walking and other sustainable methods of travel. As well as two Walk to School weeks each year and carrying out surveys to monitor and promote shifting away from cars as far as possible, each year we run an optional Level 2 Bikeability training programme for Year 5 children, to support safe cycling on roads. 


Eco Blog
Autumn Term 2019

The Eco Warriors hosted a Green Flag assessor in November, together with JLT and SNAG members.  We are delighted that we passed the assessment and a certificate confirming our retention of our Green Flag will be with us soon!  This is thanks to all the hard work promoting environmental issues and actions that last year's and this year's warriors have led and encouraged in the school.  Congratulations Great Missenden!  


At the final meeting of the Autumn Eco Warrior team we visited the Eco Refill Market in the Oldham Hall and we enjoyed the food and drink kindly provided by our lovely curate Elizabeth, while learning about the Refill Project and other environmental  projects the Church is working on.  The Christmas Pudding made by the Eco Warriors in last week's assembly was sampled by Mrs May who declared it absolutely delicious. 


Eco Warriors, you have been a fantastic team, thank you!  

On Monday 20th October the Eco Warriors were invited to St Peter & St Paul Church to help with the creation of a wildflower meadow around the church.  We thoroughly enjoyed planting out seedlings, scattering seeds and tucking into the refreshments that were very kindly provided by our curate, Elizabeth, and the church warden.  The church congregation have also started collecting used pens and dental products for our recycling schemes, so we brought those back with us too! 

September:  This year the JLT and Eco Warriors will change each term, to enable more children to get involved. Eco Warriors will meet after school on Mondays in 5M, from 3:15pm to 4:15pm.  In our first two meetings the Eco Warriors have received their badges, litter picked in the KS2 playground, learned and talked about climate change and made posters to publicise Walk to School week, which is coming up very soon!  We are collecting shoe boxes which we will decorate and use as pen recycling boxes in each classroom. 


Two of the most important things we can all do to help combat climate change are to eat less meat and reduce our car journeys.  To support and promote these lifestyle changes, at Great Missenden we have meat-free Mondays and hold Walk to School weeks twice a year.  The first Walk to School week this year is 30th September - 4th October. If there are fewer than 10 cars driving down Church Street each day from Monday to Thursday, there will be a celebratory Mufti Day on Friday 4th October. 



Welcome to a new school year!  I hope you had a fantastic summer. Do you have a punctured inflatable you're wondering how to dispose of?  Ex eco-warrior Millan has sent me a link to the Wyatt & Jack Inflatable Amnesty, who will recycle inflatables and turn them into bags.   Thank you Millan!  

Summer Term 2019
16th July 2019:  It's almost the end of my first year at Great Missenden and as eco co-ordinator and I couldn't have had a more enthusiastic and inspiring group of eco-warriors to work with.  The team have carried out an environmental audit and developed an action plan, priorities and eco code for this and next year.  Focusing on those priorities, they have led assemblies, carried out surveys, monitored energy use and visited Greatmoor to learn about what happens to our rubbish.  They have encouraged their classmates to reduce their energy use and keep their classrooms and playgrounds tidy, carried out litter picks, made class pen collection boxes and starred in short films about eco issues and why they believe it is so important that we all do our bit to protect our environment. All this, in addition to our already very full school life at Great Missenden!  Thank you Eco-Warriors for a great year - we have one final celebratory meeting on Monday 22nd July before we break up for the summer holidays.  Mrs May. 
The Eco-Warriors carried out a 5-day survey at the end of June to investigate how children travel to school and the data is available for classes to use in Maths statistics lessons.  5M have used their class data to make line graphs and bar charts showing total journeys by different methods of transport.  

The Eco Warriors are delighted to hear that the Songwriting Club's first composition has been inspired by their passion for combating climate change!  You can listen to a recording of it on the music page of our website under



23rd May: It's National Walk to School Week!  Thanks to the Eco-Warriors that managed to get to school early this week and monitor travel down Church Street.  We were really excited to see many more people enjoying a sunny walk or bike ride cycle to school on Wednesday than the previous days, and counted just 4 cars driving past us right up to the school gates.  Let's hope this encourages more families to use the car less whenever they can and make journeys to school as active as possible. 


Summer is a great time to get out on bikes and some of our pupils took part in the Chartridge Family Bike Ride last weekend.  If you'd like to cycle more, here are some links to some useful websites:

We are hoping to be able to offer Bikeability training to Year 5s in the Autumn Term, so get out on your bikes over the summer Year 4s to make sure you can control your bike confidently and ride without stabilisers!  

On the subject of cycling, the Official Tour de France Sportive in the UK, L'Etape UK, is coming to the Chilterns in July.  The race consists of three professionally designed routes suitable for all abilities, in addition to the Tour de France Fan Park offering fun for the whole family at Penn House, Amersham, HP7 0PS.  

21st May: the Nature Sketching Club were very happy to have their first sunny sketching session sitting outside on the grass this week.  Some beautiful trees, birds, rabbits, flowers and a tiger in a rainforest were sketched, many of us using watercolour pencils - with water - for the first time.  It was idyllic.

The Eco-Warriors led an assembly on Thursday 9th May updating us on all the eco-related activities going on in school.  They used short films they had made to explain our eco-code, and launched three new recycling collection schemes:


  • We have signed up to the Terracycle Colgate oral products and packaging recycling programme.  Please drop-off used toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and other oral care products and packaging in the big red collection box outside the main Reception.  
  • Put your used batteries in the collection bin under the bike shelter in the KS2 playground, next to the textiles and shoes recycling container.  We'll take them to the local Recycling Centre. 
  • The Eco-Warriors have made boxes for their year groups to collect used pens, highlighters, felt tips and whiteboard markers in. We'll take them to the nearest Writing Instruments recycling point in Holmer Green. 


As well as showing films about using less plastics such as glitter, reducing waste, saving energy and recycling more, the Eco-Warriors reminded the school that we are carrying on our focus on healthy living and health minds this year and explained that they are talking to the JLT and the Senior Leadership Team about our school grounds and the ideas you have given us for helping make the playgrounds tidier. The litter pickers kindly donated by Mr and Mrs Shaw were used when we took part in the Great British Spring Clean and are being used to help keep our grounds tidy.


As classes began moving into classrooms in our new teaching block this week, we were pleased to hear from Mr Light, our premises manager, that the underfloor heating within the new build is powered through an air source heat pump! 

Spring Term

At Eco Club we made posters to the Eco-Warriors' recycling and school grounds activities.  We also built superb sculptures out of home-made cardboard construction pieces and made awesome suits of armour!  Eco superstars Benji and Amelie, on their own initiative, collected signatures from members of staff who have pledged to stop buying single-use coffee cups and to use re-usable ones instead. 

Greatmoor Visit

On 5th March the Key Stage Two Eco Warriors and SNAG members visited the Greatmoor Energy From Waste facility. The children learned about what can and cannot be recycled and what happens to our black-bag, non-recyclable, rubbish.  Instead of being put into the adjacent landfill site, our non-recyclable waste is burned at Greatmoor. This heats up water in a boiler and the resulting steam powers a turbine, which generates electricity. 


It was a fascinating visit, we were particularly awed by the enormous grab cranes moving huge volumes of rubbish at a time, the view into the incinerator and the massive fans cooling the water before it is fed back into the boiler. The children were a credit to us, with the Greatmoor Education Manager commenting on their exemplary behaviour during the visit.  


It was great to see that in our area non-recyclable waste is not going to landfill but is instead being used to generate electricity.  It's also really important to understand that it is still more efficient and environmentally-friendly to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as we possibly can.  


The Eco Warriors introduced Switch Off Fortnight with an assembly to the school and have been monitoring classroom and whole school energy use throughout the month. Children in their classes shared what they had been switching off at home too and following the KS2 Eco-Warriors visit to the Greatmoor Energy from Waste facility in early March, the Eco-Warrior team will be planning an assembly to share all that's been going on in school so far this year and what more we can all do to make our school even more eco-friendly. 


Meanwhile, the Eco Club have learned about garden birds from our resident expert Edward and had a visit from Toby, Jake and their mum, who shared some of their delicious home-made snacks and talked about the challenge they have given themselves to make a new eco-friendly decision every day of 2019.  We were inspired by their commitment and ideas and will be trying out some of these in the club and at home. Search for @365EcoDecisions on Facebook or in Messenger to find their page.


Most recently, the Club learned about different types of lichens and how their presence can be used to indicate how clean our air is.  We went on a lichen hunt and found lots of lichen that thrives in clean air as well as lichens that like high levels of nitrogen - so a mixed picture.  It was amazing how much we found once we started looking.  We also managed to collect half a bin-bagful of rubbish on our second litter-picking walk around the grounds!  

24th January:  Litter-picking was put on hold this week due to the snow!  Instead, eco-clubbers stayed warm inside and produce some fantastic posters promoting Great Missenden's Switch Off Fortnight, which starts on January 27th.  The Eco Warriors have been taking meter readings and checking classrooms in preparation. Most classes are already very good at turning lights off and heating down as they go out, but we hope to see our energy use reduce further during the coming two weeks. It's a reminder to think about how we could reduce our energy use at home too. We also talked about the RSPB's Big Garden Bird Watch, which is coming up this weekend.  Have a look at the RSPB's website for details of how to take part. 



The new after-school Eco Club had its first meeting on January 15th, where Mrs May explained the Eco Warriors' developing Action Plan and how the Eco Club might be able to help achieve its aims.  The Eco Club members had lots of ideas about things they would like to do, which we discussed while 'up-cycling' some tin cans into pencil or plant pots.  Pippa also presented us with a fabulous poster, encouraging people to recycle.


We were also delighted to receive 20 brand new litter pickers, kindly donated to the school by Mr Shaw. Both the Eco Club and Eco Warriors will be out litter-picking soon!

5M's December artwork project was to create a display inspired by their learning about plastic pollution in the oceans.