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WC- 1/5/24 - Mathletics home learning is set online. 









Resources: Chalk, outdoor space

Set-up: Draw a hopscotch grid on the ground using chalk. Number each square from 1 to 20.

Instructions: Children take turns hopping on the number line, subtracting the number they land on from 20. For example, if they land on number 6, they say "20 minus 6 equals 14" and hop to the square numbered 14.


Questions to Ask:

  • What number are you landing on?
  • What is 20 minus [number]?
  • What number are you hopping to?



Resources: Outdoor space, laminated number bond cards (randomly scattered)

Set-up: Scatter the laminated number bond cards around the outdoor area.

Instructions: Children search for the number bond cards and match them together to make number bonds that equal 20.

Questions to Ask:

  • Can you find a number bond that equals 20?
  • What other number could we add to make 20?
  • How many different number bonds can you find?







WC- 31/1/24- 

Focus on writing numbers 0-20 the correct way round and formed correctly. This is a big focus we are working on in the classroom.


This is a helpful youtube video to help with number formation. 



WC 22/1/24- 

Maths task are set online but could you also have a go at the SNAP CHALLENGE! 

Play Snap Challenge! At random moments during the day, call out "Snap Challenge! Which is greater, 17 or 19?" and similar questions. Encourage your child to Snap Challenge you.


WC- 10/12/24- Maths tasks are set online, there is an optional practical task in the folder. 


WC- 7/12/23- Maths is set online, there are also two optional practical tasks in the folder. 


WC- 22/11/23- Maths is set online, there are also two optional practical tasks in the folder. 


WC- 15/11/23 - Maths is set online, there are also two optional practical tasks in the folder. 


WC 8/11/23

Math home learning will now be set online using the Mathletics website/app. Your child's login details will be stuck into their yellow reading records this week. This will allow them to log in and complete their assigned math tasks. It is important to note that these tasks will be set every Wednesday, giving your child a week to complete them.


Mathletics is an engaging online platform that offers interactive math activities designed to enhance your child's learning experience. It provides an array of resources that will help consolidate their understanding of key mathematical concepts, and it also gives them the opportunity to practice their skills in a fun and stimulating way.


Should you face any difficulties accessing the Mathletics website/app, please do not worry. In addition to the online tasks, I have included a list of optional math practical activities. These activities are designed to provide an alternative option if you do not have access to the online math programme. They will help reinforce your child's understanding through hands-on learning experiences.


If you have any concerns or questions regarding your child's math home learning, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.