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Optional Project Home Learning

Spring 1


Please see the below picture based on our History topic in WAC this term. The picture is a blended picture of Bristol, from 'then' to 'now'. Just like with our Geography project before Christmas, children can be as creative as  possible to create a piece of work based around this picture. Last term we had songs, poems, sculptures and board games just to name a few. We were extremely impressed and would love to see some more of your great work this term. The deadline for this is the Easter holidays, so there is plenty of time. Have fun!

Whilst this project work is officially optional, we would love to see as many children giving this a go as possible. It should be a fun and creative task and will serve as good preparation for homework expectations next year at secondary school.


Our WAC topic this term is Geography based. It is called 'Our Earth' with a key question of 'Do we always appreciate what we've got?' So far this term, we have looked at pollution, flooding, climate change, wildfires and many other topics as well.


The children's task for this half term project is to create a piece of work based off the picture below. It could be a speech, a poem, a piece of art, a newspaper report...literally anything they would like to. Be as creative as you want, and have fun!