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Rehearsal Schedule - 13th June - 2nd July (Rock Band, Chamber Choir and Y6 Kitchen Sink Songs)


Music gives all children the ability to express themselves creatively and with imagination.  It is an integral part of all cultures and opens up an avenue for cross curricular learning whilst providing the opportunity to bring a topic to life.


At Great Missenden School the intent is to inspire a love of music, promote understanding and give children the ability and confidence to make music. 



  • Every child receives at a minimum a 1 hour dedicated music lesson each week delivered by a specialist music teacher
  • A progressive approach is taken and children learn to listen, understand, compose and play music from reception upwards, with skills and knowledge increasing sequentially year on year  (progression of skills document is in the documents section at bottom of this page)
  • We take a very practical, skills based approach to the learning and children will sing and/or play instruments in every music lesson. 
  • Whole class practical musicianship is taught in music lessons throughout KS1 and KS2 (Drumming, samba band, ukulele, band skills, classroom percussion)  We will conftinue to take all necessary precautions in relation to COVID to keep the children safe and follow the guidelines for music learning in schools.
  • Throughout their time at the school children are exposed to a huge range of different musical genres and styles from all over the globe - past and present. (Listening calendar is in the documents section at bottom of this page, but is not an exhaustive list)
  • We use IT and apps within the music classroom and on stage to aid music making, tuning, composition, production and performance
  • All children have the opportunity to take part in extra-curricular musical activities in the form of lunchtime or after school clubs.  
  • KS2 children have the opportunity to take instrumental lessons if they wish. These lessons are delivered during school time by teachers from the Bucks Music Trust (BTM)



At Great Missenden school we are musicians, we are singers, we are composers we are performers and we listen to a wide range of music. Enjoyment of music is a key focus; enhancing well-being, self-confidence and a sense of achievement for the children.


Music assessment is on-going throughout the year and children are encouraged to discover, identify and develop their own areas of strength.    Alongside the ‘taught musical skills’ children learn to formulate an opinion and to participate and collaborate with others; enhancing teamworking skills and building an awareness of self and others.


Musical experiences stretch beyond the National Curriculum with visits from professional musicians, composers and theatre companies.  Every child rehearses and performs at least once in front of an audience each year*. 


Outside the classroom there are also optional additional performance opportunities.  Over a third of the pupils at the school chose to take part in the Christmas Perfroming Arts Showcase Xmas 2021 - this comprised of performances prepared during teacher led after school performing arts clubs.

**In 2020/2021 we were unable to have an audience, but have filmed performances which have been shared with the school community in-line with COVID19 rehearsal and performance guidelines


Pupil Voice Impact Analysis

Year 1: "It (music) is so much fun, I love singing the ‘Dinosaur Dance”

Year 2: "(I like)  playing the drums and learning new things”

Year 3: “ (I liked) learning about Ancient Egyptians and music.”  “We are always learning new songs and we have fun too”

Year 4: "I enjoyed all of the commonwealth countries coming together and singing the song by Gary Barlow(Sing). And I enjoyed Samba”

Year 5: "I was really proud of myself when I wrote my own melody line (chrome music lab and beepbox) I was able to come up with various different melodies in a short amount of time”

Year 6: "I was really proud of myself when I pratised hard for my solo then (boys name) and I got lots of praise from the music teacher for singing loudly and being in time.  It made me happy for the rest of the day"


We want our children to leave Great Missenden with an enjoyment and a love of music. All children at our school will have experienced taking part in live performances to an audience; giving them increased confidence to speak and perform in public.  We hope that they will take this knowledge and their musical experiences with them into year 7 where they can continue to build upon the skills they have learned as they progress through their secondary education.

Class Music News - Sept 2021-Jul 2022


Still image for this video
We took The Chamber Choir to London this week to sing for the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) at the launch of their new initiative Hymnpact!
We are very proud of the children; they have put in so much work over the past month, and they delivered an incredibly moving performance.
We spent the afternoon/evening at The Holy Sepulchre church in Holborn, a musician's church which is a stunning location with fabulous acoustics. The children enjoyed a workshop/rehearsal followed by a performance alongside 2 other schools and a number of adult musicians from the RSCM and Let's Go Sing!
The children thoroughly impressed everyone with their singing, performance etiquette and behaviour. It was a truly memorable day for us all.

March 2022 - Women's History Month is dedicated to honouring and learning about women's contributions to history, culture and society.  In music this month we will be focussing on some of the great female composers, musicians, songwriters, producers and singers.   The calendar below, curated by 'I can Compose'  is a celebration of female composers and is intended to inspire everyone to explore the lives and works of these trailblazing musicians.  We will be covering some of these pieces/composers in music lessons across the school, but we are not able to cover them all, so if you would like to explore more please use the QR code on the document below to access a spotify playlist and found out more! 


We are Singers!

Both Year 2 and Year 6 were involved in concerts in February. Year 2 took part in the Little Missenden festival and concert (information below) and year 6 were working with composer John Webb on his own songs 'Kitchen Sink Songs'.
John led the rehearsals with year 6 and the chamber choir delivered the first ever performance of these comical songs, which tell of the antics of kitchen sink utensils! Throughout rehearsals John was consistantly amazed by the quality of the childrens singing and their wonderful attitude to rehearsal. Please have a listen to year 6 singing 'plug' to hear for yourselves!

We are Composers! Year 2 - Little Missenden Festival composition and performance workshops

Still image for this video
Rehearsals are underway for year 2 as part of the Little Missenden Festivals. They will be performing their own composition about Fire and Phoenix at a concert in early February following a series of workshops with composer John Webb and professional musicians (French horn, piano, chromatic harmonica and Japonese Sho)

We Are performers!


It has been a very busy half term for music and the performing arts at Great Missenden School. We have achieved 16 separate live performances this term with over 350 children having performed live to an audience across the school!

Performances included:

Harvest Festival

Ted Hughes Events


Rock Band Concert

Performing Arts Christmas Showcases


Well done to all the children for their courage, hard work and dedication.   Videos of performances were sent to parents who were unable to attend the concerts and we ask that these are kept for personal use please.  There are however a number of photos below that we are able to share with you all.

Little Missenden Festival Ted Hughes Project  - Music and Poetry 

Our Year 6 chamber choir were given a wonderful opportunity this Autumn to take part in a concert to celebrate the late Ted Hughes. 

In 1968 Ted Hughes wrote a series of poems for the children at Little Missenden School to recite at The Harvest Festival.  The Little Missenden Festival this year comissioned composer Julian Phillips to set these poems to music and we were invited to sing with them. The event, to honour Ted Hughes and his involvement with the festival, was in 2 parts.  Some children chanted the poetry at an afternoon event and then our Year 6 Chamber choir performed the premier of Julian Phillips song cycle in the evening concert at the beautiful Little Missenden Church.    

The children were so fortunate to rehearse with a professional conductor, sing alongside professional singers/musicians and work with the composer of the piece throughout the sessions.  Thank you so much to The Little Missenden Festival for inviting us to work with you on this wonderful project.  It truly was an enriching experience for the children.

Photos below:  Elizabeth Atherton soprano, Dominic Sedgwick baritone, Iain Burnside piano – John Webb, Conductor and Julian Phillips Composer.

Photo credit to Martin Cunnigham for Little Missenden Festival's Hughes project

Concert Plan for Autumn Term

We are so excited to be back to singing in person and making the most of our newly refurbished music room.  So we are jumping straight into preparing for various events this term.  We are planning for these concerts to be face to face, so long as restrictions around COVID do not change. 


9th   3pm  Ted Hughes and Childrens’ Poetry – Small group of year 6 – poetry recital/chanting

8pm – Recital of Autumn Poems – Year 6 Chamber Choir

21st – Year 4 to lead Harvest Festival at the Church


27th – Carol singing in Great Missenden for Christmas Festival (details TBC)  This event will be open to all children to sign up to and details will be sent nearer the time.

December  (dates and times TBC and will be updated in the school calendar ASAP)

EYFS and KS1 nativities

Year 3 to lead Christmas Service at the Church

Performing Arts Show – This will involve children who take part in drama club, KS1 dance, KS2 Gym and Dance, Orchestra, Rock band and both KS1 and KS2 choirs.


Class Music News - Sept 2020-Jul 2021

Biggest Sing - World Record Attempt 


This week our remote choir club took part in a Guiness World Record attempt as part of a live audience directly to the O2.  The children sang remotely alongside Billy Ocean, YolanDa Brown and Ruti as part of the Young Voices 'Biggest Sing' The children have been rehearsing via zoom they have worked incredibly hard and their performances in 3 separate bubbles were all amazing. Young Voices are currently submitting all the evidence to the Guiness World Records organisation and I will update children and parents once we have heard whether the record attempt is successful.  We are part of the attempt for 3 separate records, keep your fingers crossed!  Well done to all the children who took part!

Year 4 - Learning to read music and follow on screen

Year 5 - Songwriting and digital composition

Christmas Performances

There may be lots of restrictions in place for music and the performing arts because of COVID, but that hasn't stopped the children at Great Missenden putting on amazing performances this Christmas.  Well  done to all children who took part in the following productions in a COVID safe manner this Christmas:

EYFS - Christmas video including a wonderful 12 days of Christmas song

KS1 - Nativity - great acting with all singing outside and some instrumental work too!

Year 3 Production of Silent Night - rehearsed and performed in bubbles with acting, dancing, singing, soloists and instrumental work.

Year 5 - Singing performance of In the Bleak Midwinter recorded safely in bubbles with distancing up at the church. This was included in the Oxford Diocese Christmas service and the  local Church crib service on Christmas Eve.

Remote Choir - video of 2 fabulous songs, recorded in a COVID safe manner in 11 different bubbles and edited together for an amazing performance.


With hours of music recorded for parents to watch we can't share it all here but you all did wonderfully and I share a couple of examples below.

Remote Choir performance extract

Still image for this video
Music recorded separately in 11 different bubbles maintaining all COVID guidelines, music then merged with video. Children were included in this process, so it was a great learning experience for us all in terms of the use of ICT in Music.

Learning to use tracks in GarageBand to record separately in bubbles but sound like a choir #COVID19

First Sunday of Christmas

Year 5 perform at 1 minute 52s

Year 5 - learning to recognise and notate pitch aurally

Year 4 - Boomwhackers (covid safe practical musicianship - reading and playing music from onscreen notation)

Year 1 - Exploring Vivaldis 'Autumn'

Year 2 - Indian Music composition

In year 2 we are composers.
Over the past couple of weeks the children have been listening to and learning about North Indian Classical instruments. Using their new knowledge and searching for these instruments on the app Garageband the children have created a fabulous composition to be proud of. Enjoy!

Songwriting Club

The children in songwriting club have been working so hard this term.
Collectively the children have created their first composition inspired by their passion for combating climate change.
They created the backing track themselves using online software, wrote the lyrics, came up with a tune and recorded it for you to enjoy.
For the remaining weeks of song writing club the children will be writing their own songs (individually and in small groups) and I look forward to the results.