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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Mrs May (5M), Miss Bassett (5B) and Mr Waite (5W)


Year 5, like every school year, is busy, action-packed and rewarding.  We have exciting topics, lessons, activities and trips.  We continue to be develop our independence as learners, our growth mindsets and our resilience through making and learning from mistakes.  We look forward to seeing what the year has to offer and we want the children to have an exciting and fulfilling year.

Humanities and Science Topics 


Autumn Term - Why is our journey of discovery never-ending?

History: Early Islamic Civilisation.

Science: Space and space exploration


Spring Term - How does facing adversity help us grow?

Geography: Mountains, Earthquakes and Volcanoes.

Science: Forces; Properties of Materials


Summer Term- Do our choices make a difference?

History: Anglo-Saxons

Geography: Fair Trade

Science: Living things and their habitats; Animals, including humans.

Key Dates for Year 5 Spring and Summer Terms

  • Tuesday 7th January – return to school for spring term.
  • Year 5 swimming at Amersham pool on Thursdays during Spring Term: 

16, 23, 30 January

6, 13, 27 February

5, 12, 19, 26 March

  • 5M class assembly 10am Wednesday 12th February
  • Year 5 Easter Service, 2pm Friday 27th March
  • Year 5 PGL Caythorpe: Monday 11th May – Friday 15th May
  • Year 5 Anglo-Saxon Day Tuesday 19th May (tbc)


[5W class assembly June 2020, date tbc]

Reading at home: In Year 5, we would like the children to be reading every day for at least 10 minutes. The children should record their reading sessions in their reading record and parents/carers should sign the records weekly.  Please do discuss what your child is reading with them, for instance what they think of particular characters, what they predict might happen next and why, their likes, dislikes, puzzles and questions about what they are reading.  

Reading records will be collected and checked each week on Mondays.

Our Year 5 Learning Journey

RACA Year 5 Cooking

Tale of Fear Model Text

Mountain models created as part of Home Learning in January

Welcome to Spring Term!  It was lovely to see lots of parents visiting our English lessons on the first Monday back and watching our Talk for Writing in action. Below is a copy of the model text Year 5 are learning, Adventure at Sandy Cove!  Already the word 'menacing' is finding its way into our writing - great to see the vocabulary being used so quickly! 

It's been a great Autumn term for year 5, finishing on a high with a visit from an astrophysicist on Wednesday 11th December.  The children impressed our visitor with their knowledge, interest and enthusiasm and she in turn inspired us with her story of how she got such a cool job and blew our minds talking about her research and answering our questions about space, galaxies and, of course, aliens! 


Recently we've also been building mini websites using GoogleSites in our Computing lessons, designing sustainable cities in DT and trying to use persuasive language techniques to sell haunted houses, tree houses or homes under the sea in English. In maths we are excited about becoming Times Tables Rock Stars!  We have also discovered that many of us need more practice reading scales and converting metric measurements, so please do lots of baking with your children over the holidays!  


School closes at 2:15pm on Wednesday 11th December and we would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas break.  We look forward to seeing the children back in school on Tuesday 7th January. With festive wishes from the Year 5 team. 


Year 5 had a fantastic trip to the National Space Centre in Leicester on Monday 25th November, linked in to our Earth and Space science topic.  Many thanks to all the staff who accompanied us on this long day out and thanks to the parents and carers for their patience in meeting us later than expected on Monday evening.  The consensus from the children is that the fantastic activities definitely made the long journey worth it and they would love to go again!  

In Art this term, inspired by our Ancient Islamic Civilisation topic, we have been learning about motifs and the impact of symmetry and precision when using them to make repeating patterns.  We designed our own motifs, cut them into polystyrene blocks and created some very effective artwork using chalk pastels. 
Year 5 threw themselves into celebrating the life and work of local author Roald Dahl on Dahlicious Day, dressing up in fantastic costumes linked to his life and his wonderful stories. 

As part of our English topic on the story of Ishaq in The House of Wisdom, we've worked in groups this week to predict and dramatise what might have happened to Ishaq on his return to Baghdad, following his 3-year journey around the world. Some were quite gory, others stuck closer to the storyline so far. All were enthusiastic! 

Our Autumn topics have all got underway, including our first Computing topic of the year, Internet Safety.  Both at home and at school we need to do our best to help our children get the most out of the internet, while protecting them from the online worldʼs risks and downsides, and, as they mature, helping them learn to make their own safe and ethical decisions as they navigate their digital lives.

At Great Missenden we are helping prepare our pupils to:

• Think critically and evaluate online sources.

• Protect themselves from online threats, including bullies and scams.

• Be sharp about sharing: what, when, and with whom.

• Be kind and respectful towards other people and their privacy.

• Ask for help from a parent or another trusted adult with tricky situations.

This week we have been thinking about data we share online and following group and class discussion and activities the children enjoyed navigating the games within Interland's Mindful Mountain Zone to reinforce key messages. For more information see