School Logo

Great Missenden Church of England Combined School

An Academy of the Great Learners Trust


School Vision and Values

As a church school, we aim to nurture the spiritual, cultural, moral and social development of the children and to foster mutual respect and responsibility. We are a high achieving school, but also an inclusive school, taking pride in the progress of every child, whatever their level of ability.

Our School Vision


We aspire to walk together in hope along the Great Missenden pathway, guided by our Christian Values of Faith and Community, Love and Respect, Truth and Courage. We strive to enable children to use their educational keys to open doors and unlock their full potential, regardless of their starting points. We aim to look through windows into the wider world and reflect upon the big questions of life by looking at ourselves in the mirror. We seek to develop global citizens who are ready for the challenges of a fast-paced, evolving society. 


“Ask, and you will receive. Search, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened for you.” Matthew 7:7-8 

Windows: These are opportunities to look out on the world to gaze in wonder. These are the WOW and HOW moments. These are the things that inspire us and motivate us to be better people. 

Encounter: The learning about Life

Mirrors: These are opportunities for children to reflect, to look inward and to consider some of the big questions of life. These provide opportunities to explore their own insights and those of others. 

Reflection: The learning from.



Doors: These are the opportunities for children to respond, to creatively express their thoughts and convictions. These are the opportunities for children to move on and reflect. 

Transformation: The learning to live by putting into action what they believe.


Our Values are:


“Faith and Community, Love and Respect, Truth and Courage”


Our School Motto is:


Believe and Achieve”



Our Aims

We want children to:

Be happy

Feel secure

Know that they belong

Appreciate and value the opinions of others



Have a sense of awe and wonder

Appreciate the world around them, and take care of it

Be curious, ask questions

Take pride in their own achievements and the achievements of others

Take control of their own learning

Know that it is alright to make a mistake and then move on

Know that life is precious and that today is very special and it will not happen again

Know that there are many ways to be clever, and that everyone is good at something

Love learning.

Our school is a place where learning is rewarding, absorbing and fun.

Learning is for all, adults and children, and learning continues throughout life.

The adults who work here enjoy being here.

Every child is able to go out of the school gates at the end of the day and say,

“That was the best day ever!”