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Great Missenden Church of England Combined School

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Physical, Social and Health Education

Our aim is to develop each child’s awareness of themselves and their ability to take control of their own social, physical and mental health. Through specific teaching and through example, we aim to build self-esteem and independence in all our children, combined with respect and awareness of others’ needs and an awareness of their place and responsibilities in the local and global community.

What does PSHE look like at Great Missenden School?


The aims of PSHE are best achieved in an environment in which pupils feel safe and where their opinions are valued. In this subject, above all, the child must be central to the process. They must be allowed to be honest, to make mistakes without being reprimanded and to learn from their mistakes. A range of teaching and learning styles are employed, including:


  • Circle time
  • Group work
  • Drama and Role play
  • Discussion/ Debate
  • Agenda setting
  • Problem solving
  • Imaginative writing
  • Traditional imparting of knowledge
  • Constructive use of video
  • Research
  • Educational games/activities
  • DVDs and other ICT approaches


We also consider it important to be able to respond quickly when areas of PSHE arise in the classroom or playground and there is an immediate need to tackle an issue. If a class has a series of lessons on dealing with bullying, for example, or loss or grieving, then teachers will be provided with support and materials to deliver this.