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At Great Missenden Primary School, we are SCIENTISTS! It is our intent to instil a lifelong love of science within our pupils and an understanding of how science has changed our lives and is vital to the world’s future prosperity. This is all done by providing a high-quality science education. Science aims to give all children a strong understanding of the world around them. Children are able to discover how the world works and our place, impact, roles and responsibilities within our environment. Our children are encouraged to ask questions and apply their scientific skills and knowledge to investigate and find answers. Our children are able to develop a systematic and logical way of working and are able to reflect on investigations to develop knowledge and gain informative answers. Science allows children to be inquisitive in a safe environment. It will help develop confident, articulate and investigative learners.


At Great Missenden we are mad about Science and we are thinking scientifically in all that we do; in addition to our independent Science lessons, we weave scientific thinking into many of our creative topics across the curriculum and encourage children to be involved in extra-curricular activities such as competitions, school trips, STEM week, themed days and after school clubs. These rich and exciting opportunities to learn help to develop a passion for Science that everyone at Great Missenden can experience. 


To truly understand the impact of our Science curriculum, you have to come and see us!

To measure the impact, we have clear end points identified using half termly assessment statements. Staff are therefore fully aware of the expectations of all children. We use a range of formative assessment in every Science lesson. This information can then be used to inform our short-term planning and short-term 'Keep up, not catch up.' To measure progress, we use a range of assessment techniques at the end of a unit e.g. double page spread, quiz, post unit thought shower, cross curricular writing.

The pupils of Great Missenden are Scientists. They enjoy the science experiences that we provide for them, both inside and outside of school. The children at our school recognise that Science is in everything that we do, not just in Science lessons.


Pupil Voice Impact Analysis

Reception: "It (Science) is fun, visitors are fun."

Year 1: "It (Science) is so much fun and the whole world of learning is in Science.”

Year 2: "We have a fun teacher who knows lots and let's us do lots of experiments."

Year 3: “We are all scientists- because we learn stuff and want to learn more.”

Year 4: "Science helps us figure out new things like cures and it is about chemistry, explosions, animals. We find out new things like new species. Science comes in different types- rocks, chemistry, inventing."

Year 5: "We do experiments to explain different things (what happens, forces/effects, natural events- all sorts), we then record and compare answers and results. This helps us to learn more about the world. It explains what the world does, how it works, what will happen in the future."

Year 6: "Science can be physics, biology and chemistry. Physics is about mass and gravity, biology is to do with humans and plants, chemistry is where you mix stuff together like solids, liquids and gases. A good example of Science is COVID 19 because they are trying to find a vaccine which is using science. In class, we find patterns and investigate new things by doing experiments and then we discuss our findings. When I think of Science I imagine what humans can accomplish with modern day technology."


Our children leave Great Missenden more knowledgeable about the world around them. They recognise that science is all around us. They leave ready to challenge cultural stereotypes and leave with visions of improving the world they live in. 

Autumn 2020 Data

The Science Learning Journey 2020/2021

Science Week w/c 22.03.21

'Science: Here, there and everywhere'



Distance Learning Spring Term

A fantastic solids, liquids and gases video by Saanen 4H

Still image for this video

The History Makers of Year 4 Recreated Solids, Liquids and Gases

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History makers liquid time lapse video.MOV

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We have kicked off our Science topics for the Spring term with our classes! Have a look at just some of the amazing work from Reception, Year 1 and Year 5. 


The website below is fab for all things Science during the distance learning phase! If you and your child/ren are wanting to do more than just the weekly science lessons then have a look at this link. It has lots of different websites, videos, virtual tours, TV programmes, magazines to buy and activities and resources to keep children exploring, investigating, learning and having fun! Please share anything you get up to with Miss Cartwright on as I would love to see it!


Science Selfie Winners! Look at our amazing work.

When I think of Science....

A whole school science display has been created to show Science in the news and photos of amazing Science work conducted around the school. This term we chose to focus on 'Living Things and Their Habitats' on the display and we have shown the progression from Year 4 to Year 6 in this unit. 

September 2020

In year 6 we are focusing on 'Living things and their habitats' and last week we used Carl Linnaeus's theory of taxonomy to classify different sweets and chocolates. We used all that we had learnt about classifying animals and plants and applied it to the sweets. We thought about ingredients, structure, colour to help us group. We created classification keys within our groups. We had lots of fun doing this and the practical element really helped us get to grips with how we group things and how we create our own classification keys.

Science at Great Missenden School in previous years!

STEM Week 2020

This year we were blessed to have our STEM week during British Science Week!

We had many interesting and exciting visitors come and show us how exciting and accessible their jobs were. Discussions and lessons about their career choices, their mistakes and their efforts to improve the world by fine-tuning their talents have been a huge inspiration to the children of Great Missenden and would not have been achievable without our incredible community of volunteers!

Thank you!


Our introduction assembly

STEM WEEK 2019 – 3D Printing, Coding, sketch-up and robotics

The children at Great Missenden School have had such an exciting STEM week 2019. They were visited by a local engineer (Chris from Technet) who works closely with schools offering a wide range of workshops to inspire the next generation of inventors.

Following an introductory assembly about the benefits of 3D printing, coding and robotics, children from all year groups were given the opportunity to explore and play around with a range of different technologies, watch a 3D printer in action and create their own coding for robots. 

At the end of each session the children were fortunate enough to take their own 3D printed name tags or USB sticks home with them!

A fantastic week all round!

STEM WEEK continued 


Year 5 and 6 have had such an exciting start to their STEM week. After an introduction to what STEM week stands for (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) the children were joined by our guest visitor Mr Hoy from Cutting Edge in Pitstone. Mr Hoy asked the children to design a clock. The best designs from both year groups were selected and within the space of an hour they had been drawn onto a CAD program and cut into a 3-D clock made from the plastic Corian. The process involved using computing skills to redraw the designs and understanding how the mathematical coordinates were relevant to the cutting machines. We then sent the winning designs to the Cutting Edge workshop by email and watched the whole manufacturing process via a Skype link to the workshop. It was a sensational day – so many young inventors were inspired! A HUGE thanks to all the staff at CUTTING EDGE for their voluntary support.

National Space Week 2018

Encouraging creativity through Science, Technology, English and Maths