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Spring 2

In Spring 2 we will be continuing to focus on our big question....

'How do things change?' 


Within this topic we will be learning about: 

-The change in season 

-Life-cycles - Introducing baby ducklings to our class room! 

- Plants and growing

-How we have changed

-Walks around the local area - 'Spring walk'

-A trip to Chiltern open air museum! 

Phonics and reading groups

Your child will continue consolidating their learning from Phase 2 and Phase 3 phonics, building a solid foundation for reading and writing. They'll be mastering tricky words and getting more comfortable tackling longer words.


For more information please visit the Little Wandle website: 


Children read in a reading group three times a week at school. During the reading group session we focus on:


Decoding - segmenting the sounds to read the words

Prosody- reading with expression

Comprehension - asking questions about the book.


The reading book is then sent home on a Friday. Children can celebrate their hard work that they have done at school and show you their wonderful reading! 



We'll be delving into the realms of length and time, discovering the wonders of 3D shapes, and mastering numbers up to 10. Your child will be counting, measuring, and problem-solving their way to mathematical mastery!



In English lessons, we teach a story using 'Talk 4 Writing'. Talk 4 Writing enables children to be immersed in a story by learning through drama and role play. We will learn the story, focus on key features and pick apart the vocabulary. 


Our focus story this half term is "Farmer Duck". Through Talk 4 Writing, your child will immerse themselves in this enchanting tale, exploring its characters, themes, and language, and even creating their own imaginative twists!


Forest School 

This half term, the adventure continues in our Forest School sessions! Your child will delve deeper into the world of fire, learning essential skills for safely making and managing fires. They'll also explore the art of outdoor cooking, experimenting with different foods like flatbreads and s'mores over the crackling flames. It's an opportunity for hands-on learning, teamwork, and a whole lot of fun amidst nature's wonders!


We can't wait to share what we get up to. Please look out for updates and observations on Tapestry!