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At Great Missenden School, we encourage the use of technology as a means of supplementing and enhancing the learning and teaching experience. The children are presented with a wide range of opportunities and experiences to ensure they can successfully utilise their technological skills and knowledge in a variety of contexts. At Great Missenden School, the safety of the children is our priority. Online safety forms an ever increasing part of this.




Our students will experience well-designed practical activities in the technologies. We offer our students opportunities to develop:

  • curiosity and problem-solving skills, a capacity to work with others and take initiative
  • planning and organisational skills in a range of contexts
  • creativity and innovation, for example though computing and computer aided design and manufacturing approaches
  • skills in using tools, equipment, software and materials
  • skills in collaborating, leading and interacting with others
  • critical thinking through exploration and discovery within a range of learning contexts
  • discussion and debate
  • searching and retrieving information to inform thinking within diverse learning contexts
  • making connections between specialist skills developed within learning and skills for work
  • evaluating products, systems and services
  • presentation skills


Winning Learning Log Tasks

After the E-Safety Ambassadors set their learning log task on Safer Internet Day they also judged the best the best ones from each class to come up with year group winners. We had some excellent entries, from raps to stories, poems to posters, Powerpoints to videos. All of the entries showed just how much children had learnt and knew about online safety. Please see the Year 4 winner's entry below.


Safer Internet Day

On 5th February we celebrated Safer Internet Day, along with many other schools in the country. The theme this year was ‘Understanding Consent in the Digital World’. In the computing lessons leading up to Safer Internet Day 6C worked in groups of 4 or 5 and planned online safety lessons around this theme to teach children from Year 1 to Year 4 to help celebrate this day. Each group had to create a lesson plan and all of the resources to go with their lesson, they did such a fantastic job both planning and carrying out their lessons and we received so much positive feedback from children and teachers. The lessons were well pitched, insightful and creative. Well done 6C! On this day we also had a whole school assembly around the topic delivered by myself and the E-Safety Ambassadors. They also introduced their child friendly online safety policy and set a learning log task to Year 2-Year 6.


We received a class set of laptops!- Spring Term

They are awesome! Here are some of 5K having a go on them on Online Safety Day.

Visit from Google 'Be Internet Legends'- Autumn Term


We had a very exciting visit from Google 'Be Internet Legends' on Wednesday 27th November. Dan and Paul did two assemblies (one with year 2, 3 and 4 and then with year 5 and 6). They took us on a journey to Interland and introduced us to the 'Internaughts' and 'Internaughties'. They explained the importance of being Sharp, Alert, Secure, Kind and Brave online. This was a great interactive session which mirrored all of the hard work we have been doing this term on online safety. We shouldn't be scared to go online but we should know how to be safe and what to do if we are worried about something. Here are some of the JLT members and the e-safety ambassadors creating a secure password. Be internet legends has a free game that children can explore and play 


Here are our E-Safety Ambassadors and some JLT members making secure passwords


Online Safety Video- Autumn Term

Year 5 spent Autumn Term planning and creating their own online safety videos in groups. These are designed to teach other children how to be safe online. They will be played in assembly around Safer Internet Day in February. 



E Safety Ambassadors- October 2018


On Wednesday 17th October, Miss O Cartwright took four of our Year 5 children on a day’s training course on Online safety. The course covered:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Personal Information
  • Think Before Posting
  • Social Networking & Privacy Settings
  • Strangers Online
  • Where to find Help


The E Safety Ambassadors are now ready to teach the school! Their duties will include:

  • Delivering a presentation to the staff
  • Delivering an assembly to the school on how to be safe on the internet
  • Developing a child-friendly online safety policy
  • Helping children stay safe on the internet, through lessons and displays around school
  • Set an online safety learning log task
  • Work alongside the JLT and Agents for Change


Staying safe on the internet is so important, and we're excited to see what wonderful work our E Safety Ambassadors do!




Year 6 Lego Coding Workshop- September 2018


Year 6 took part in an incredible coding workshop using Lego robots! They learned how to code and input multiple commands to different robots. The session was exciting and so fun- thanks to the Lego Team for visiting!




E Safety Production- 'Click'- September 2018


Buckinghamshire commissioned school drama specialists AlterEgo Creative Solutions (creators of Chelsea’s Choice) to provide a play suitable for children in Year 6. The aim was to help them learn about online risk and healthy online behaviour and relationships. This show supported all of the online safety work that Year 6 have been doing during the Autumn term.


The play was designed to help prepare them for transition to secondary school. Our Year students saw the production, called ‘Click’, at the Elgiva Theatre on Thursday 20th September.


‘Click’ covered issues such as online safety, cyberbullying and good online communication. The Year 6 classes will be doing follow up work to ensure that children get the maximum benefit from the play and it will be an important part of our online safety curriculum.









Parent Information

For more information for parents regarding keeping your children safe online please see the following page, alternatively go to parents > online safety for parents. This page gives you up to date tips, information and links to useful websites.

" target="_blank">Online Safety Information for Adults

Winning Year 4 Learning Log Task