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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Mr White (3W), Miss Sharratt (3S), Miss Read (3R)


What an exciting year Year 3 is! It is hectic and fun-filled, as well as incredibly rewarding.


We have terrific topics and engaging lessons as we are lucky enough to have wonderful specialist teachers for Music and Modern Foreign Languages.


Now that the children are in Year 3, we will be encouraging more independent learning from the children through the use of a growth mindset every day. Through learning from mistakes, never giving up and always trying our best, we hope your children will become life long learners.


This is the beginning of KS2 and is the start of a great journey at Great Missenden school. We look forward to seeing what the year has to offer and we want the children to have the most exciting year possible.

WAC Throughout The Year!

This Year...WE ARE

Autumn Term - We are Geographers learning about 'Rivers'.

Spring Term- We are Historians learning about 'The Stone Age to the Iron Age'.

Summer Term- We are Designers and Artists learning about 'Ancient Egyptians' and creating in their style!


Important Information

In Year 3, we would like the children to be reading everyday for minimum of 10 minutes. They are required to record at least 4 of their reading sessions in their reading record a week (this must cover 4 separate dates). If a child has finished a book, they need to tell their teacher so that they can change it in school. If your child is a 'free reader', then they are welcome to choose their own books to read either from school or from home.


Across the school there is a comprehension focus on children's reading. Children should regularly, be questioned on what they have read and how much they understand the text. We will have similar exercises in school to support this learning., including the use of our reading VIPERS!


Reading records will be collected and checked each week.

Here is the summary of the expected home learning each week:

  • Reading - four times a week minimum, recorded in Reading Records, signed off by parents.
  • Times Tables Rock Stars - 10 minutes, 3 times a week.
  • Spelling Shed - there will be a weekly test of these, so practice them after we've discussed them in class.
  • Mathletics - Every other week, use your code to log on and enjoy fun challenges.
  • Purple Mash - For your ICT growth, this is sometimes used for WAC home learning.

Every week there will be a new sheet added below, outlining which words and sites or activities you will be doing for your home learning. Above is a page with more details explaining our expectations.


This is helping you to continue your learning, from home! 


Good luck, love from the Year 3 team.

Autumn Term Languages - German