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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Mr White (3W), Miss Sharratt (3S), Miss Read (3R)


What an exciting year Year 3 is! It is hectic and fun-filled, as well as incredibly rewarding.


We have terrific topics and engaging lessons as we are lucky enough to have wonderful specialist teachers for Music and Modern Foreign Languages.


Now that the children are in Year 3, we will be encouraging more independent learning from the children through the use of a growth mindset every day. Through learning from mistakes, never giving up and always trying our best, we hope your children will become life long learners.


This is the beginning of KS2 and is the start of a great journey at Great Missenden school. We look forward to seeing what the year has to offer and we want the children to have the most exciting year possible.

Topics Throughout The Year

This Year...WE ARE

Autumn Term - We are Geographers learning about 'Rivers'.

Spring Term- We are Historians learning about 'The Stone Age to the Iron Age'.


Important Information

In Year 3, we would like the children to be reading everyday for minimum of 10 minutes. They are required to record at least 4 of their reading sessions in their reading record a week (this must cover 4 separate dates). If a child has finished a book, they need to tell their teacher so that they can change it in school. If your child is a 'free reader', then they are welcome to choose their own books to read either from school or from home.


Across the school there is a comprehension focus on children's reading. Children should regularly, be questioned on what they have read and how much they understand the text. We will have similar exercises in school to support this learning. 


Reading records will be collected and checked each week.

Year 3 Homework

Below is a list of the homework we will provide in Year 3, how often we recommend children practice their times tables, spellings and reading, and how often we expect them to complete an additional mathematics or curriculum-based task.

In other years this would be an expectation, however in our present circumstances the most important thing for both children, and of course parents, over this year is your well-being. Although we will set this homework if you encounter issues with any part of it please contact your child’s class teacher.

Our school days are currently incredibly intense, some children will be very tired at the end of each day and over the weekend, their capacity to complete additional work will vary dramatically from child to child. Some parents will be facing intense pressure at home, balancing working long hours remotely and child care, again this will vary dramatically from household to household.

Please do what you can, we know how lucky we are at Great Missenden. We have wonderfully committed parents and children all of whom want to do their best and who certainly are not afraid of hard work. But this year, we also understand that physical and mental health comes first.


Homework break down

This year, to limit physical transmission from home to school environments, all of the homework will be carried out using remote learning platforms. This will inevitably mean that each child will have a range of different user names and log-ins. Although some of these have been sent home already a big task we will be undertaking over the next week will be to create an electronic resource personalized for each child that contains all these details. We will email these to you as soon as possible so you have them on file.


Reading as often as you can with your child is, in Year 3, still our homework priority. We ask for you to try and read together 4 times a week, but of course the more the merrier!


Times Tables:

Recommended to practice little and often. Our expectation is to practice around 3 times a week for roughly 10 minutes each time. Teachers can adjust the available times tables to suit the individual child’s needs, so please let your teacher know if the times tables need to be adjusted to support your child’s engagement and enjoyment. (Please note that the website, somewhat frustratingly, resets the times tables weekly so if the timetables available change unexpectedly, remind us to reset them!)



We will set spellings weekly using Spelling Shed, this will be a list of 10 words that contain a common spelling rule or that share the same prefix or prefixes. Children can then practice these spellings at home playing games on the website. We will test the spellings weekly in school. Similarly, to Times tables practice, little and often is the best method, our advice would be to practise for around 10 minutes, 3 times a week.


Maths Homework:

Every other week we will set maths homework through the Mathletics website. This task will tie into and extend work that we are currently doing in class. This task should take, at most, 30 minutes to complete. Half an hour on alternate weeks.


WAC Homework:

WAC stands for our ‘We Are Curriculum’ and equates to what in previous years we might have called ‘Topic’. This homework will be set on alternate weeks to maths homework and will often utilise the Purple Mash platform. These homeworks will be creative and will cover all aspects of the broader curriculum- Geography, History, Science, Art and Design etc. In previous years we would have asked children to bring their wonderful creations in, although we cannot do this at present we will still ask for photos or videos of work so they can be shared with the class. Half an hour on alternate weeks.


This should add up to around 1 ½ hours of homework every week (not including reading) in line with our school policy. But as stated at the start of this document we understand the hugely varying pressures and time constraints different families are facing at this time.


Over this half term we hope to get all these systems in place and ensure that all children have an electronic document with all these various log-ins and passwords readily to hand. At time of writing I expect this might take a little while so please bear with us. We have not used some of these websites before and there may well be teething problems as we get these systems established, but bear with us and we will get there in the end. As always feedback and questions always welcome through Class Reps or to class teachers or myself.


Thank you for all you are doing and I know will continue to do.


Year 3

Autumn Term Languages - German