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March 2016

Science Week - Mr Battye

It has been science week at Great Missenden and the children have had some truly memorable activities to help them along the way.


Birds of Prey
Our theme has been flight and fall and we had an amazing visit by Mr Greenhalgh of First Class Falconry, who came to speak to us on Tuesday about Birds of Prey. All the children were given a demonstration of different birds including, Great Grey Owls, Kookaburras, Turkey Vultures and Harris Hawks. The whole school went out on to the field to watch a flight demonstration where the birds glided over the children and caught food in mid-air, which delighted and amazed them!


Paper Aeroplanes
The children have also been taking part in a paper aeroplane competition to see which planes could go the furthest and which would stay in the air the longest. Winners will be announced in assembly next week.


Science Show
Finally we rounded the week off with a science show delivered by Marguerite Fletcher and Dave Smith of the Ogden Trust and DCGS, where they wowed us with experiments around air pressure, thrust and density.