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Year 6 France Trip

Year 6 have returned from their wonderful trip to France! A big thank you goes to the children for their outstanding behaviour and consistent enthusiasm! We loved the trip, and we're sad it's over!


Here are all of the poems sent from France, in order:
Day One:
To our lovely parents, we're here safe and sound,We've very excited about the fun that's inbound,
Our first day in France, has been such a blast,
We're loving the sunshine, let's hope it can last!
We've settled in nicely, unpacked and had tea,
We've explored the chateau, there's so much to see!
There's fields and courts and pitches galore,
There's a shop and a games room and very much more,
The pool looks so lovely, can't wait for a dip,
Thank you so much for this wonderful trip!


Day Two:
Day two of our trip, it's been quite a day!
We've been to a French school to parle francais, We've made a great impression with everyone there,
We've made a few friends called Jean Paul and Pierre.
The chocolate factory was such a delight,
'Des Lis' was delicious; we loved every bite!
The pool was a welcome break in the sun,
Day two is amazing, we're having such fun!
Now time for some crepes, a really French treat,
Add some games with some prizes and life is complete!

Day Three:
Day three- it is sunny, the skies are so blue,
We can't believe how much we've been able to do,
The fun and activities rush by in a blur,
We loved every minute of chateau Fontainebleau.
The activities were perfect, we've had such a ball,
We've fired arrows and abseiled and climbed a huge wall.
Again with the swimming, what a wonderful treat,
And a huge range at dinner to drink and to eat.
The day starts to end and we couldn't be higher,
Let's toast some marshmallows on a lovely camp fire.
We miss you so much, we hope that you're well,
Can't wait for tomorrow and the grand Tour Eiffel!


Day Four:
The last full day- it's all been tres bon,
We cannot believe how fast it's all gone.
Paris is lovely, that we can prove,
We've seen all the sights; Notre Dame and Le Louvre.
The best sight of course, what can we say,
Climbing the Tower took our breath away!
We marvelled at views- they packed quite a punch,
Then we made our way down for a delicious lunch.
What better way to relax a young brain,
Than a luxurious cruise down the beautiful Seine,
We've been there and done that, now time to return,
For some dinner and disco we collectively yearn.
Everyone's said what a great school we are.
We'll be sad to leave here, and say 'au revior'.
But we can't wait to see you, we're sure you will say,
How much we've grown up since we left on Monday!

Post France:
On all of the trips that this old teacher's been,
With activities done and amazing sights seen,
I've never had a group who have been such fun,
And represented the school in all that they've done,
With maturity, respect and energy too,
They make us so proud in all that they do.
Now I sit at my desk and wish I could be,
Back in time to last week so again I could see,
All the fun that we had and the things that we saw,
On our trip to France, what a wonderful tour.
Please find attached, a small gift for your wall.
Thanks again, lovely parents, we all had a ball.